Sunday, 27 January 2013

Breezy Freezy

Hello ladies...and gentlemen (if there are any present and reading), we are back! 

We know, it's been a long while. But we got busy with life and it's other complexities. Know what we mean?

Before we go on-board with the post, we would love to thank all you for the comments. The response to our last few posts have been amazing! And we cannot thank you enough for that.

Alright. Done with the thank you speech and excuses for not updating enough. Let's get to the post now! :-D

It's sad that it's almost the end of January and it's all but her first post ever since winters started. It's all the more sad because winters is the favorite time of the year, and we both just loving dressing up for it. But oh well...

Anyway, this post...was shot for about two weeks back but only coming around to post now! I know! So lazy we are! 

It was a very breezy, sunny and cold day...and hence the title :D You can see that by how covered up we both are.

Yashika is wearing dark blue jeans with a grey blazer/jacket and super-warm brown boots, while Ananya is wearing black riding pants with black blazer/jacket and brown leather boots. 


[Yashika's jeans : Forever21 | Sweater : Forever21 | Jacket : Lifestyle | Boots/uggs : Thrifted | Swag : 100% Original Yashika | Watch: Tommy Hilfiger]


[Ananya's Riding pants : Zara | Top : Mango | Blazer : Zara | Boots : Zara | Swag : 100% Orginal Ananya]

Alrighty. Hope you enjoyed this post. Noticed we got a new camera? :P