Thursday, 13 December 2012

Can you transport me back to 70s?

     After sucha long finally we have managed to put up a post, blame it all on the exams and pending projects for keeping us occupied this entire time. Anyway Ananya is still busy with her exams (damn her university!) so I had to do this post alone. And I had to get my sister to click pictures of me which wasn't something I was looking forward to, lets just say my sister isn't the best person to work with, the last time i worked with her she laughed at me while clicking pictures like I was a crazy person. But this time the pictures turned out pretty fine.

      Even though i am still busy but i really wanted to do this post before winter set its feet completely because seriously who wants to pose in t-shirts and shorts when its pretty cold in the background. I seriously do not get the concept when some people pose in blazers and stockings when its like 40 degrees centigrade  outside. I get it you want to show whats the "latest trend" or "whats in" but really maybe that is just too extreme. Anyhoo these palazzos were a gift to me by one of my aunts whose work takes her to a new country every 3 years or so. She bought me these from a store in Paris and ever since I got these I wanted to do a post on it before winters started.

      Winter has made an appearance in Delhi and by the looks of it, it certainly is going to stay longer and its going to be much more colder. Winters has always been my favourite, better than summers anytime. In winters you can pack yourself with layers of clothes and still survive but in summers its hard to live without 24*7 air conditioning let alone going out at anytime of the day. Another reason for loving winters is BOOTS, JACKETS, OVERCOATS, OVER-SIZED SWEATERS and the list goes on. I mean with these things around how can anyone not love winter!

    So here I am wearing these gifted palazzos paired with a Chanel vintage shirt which was a hand-me-down by one of my cousins (she could not fit into these so she passed it on to me, yay me!). And with a Zara bag that I got during the sale and Zara suede pumps and an Aldo neck piece.

Palazzo pants: Gifted, Shirt: Chanel, Watch: Tommy Hilfiger, Bag: Zara,  Shoes:  Zara,  Neck-piece:  Aldo,  On lip:  Revlon Creme Gloss Peachy Sheen