Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Let us fly to the horizon

 I know, I know we are not the most regular bloggers in the world. And we are not giving any excuses this time. Ananya is off to Jaipur for her college project for a month or so, so I am flying solo again. I asked one of my good friends Pratik to click me some pretty pictures. He just bought a new camera and is amazing when it comes to photography, I always love love his pictures, no doubt.
   Have you guys seen the latest Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals Collection, isn't it like the rad-est thing ever? Am I right? Am I right? Love the in-your-face bright colors of the entire collection. And the 'wings' shoes are awesome. Jeremy Scott is one of the most eccentric designers, very over-the-top with his design. So here's my take on 'wings', I found this feather-ed neck piece from a local flea market, very cheap just 100bucks and it makes the entire outfit very literal and very much inspired by birds hence wings. When you look at birds what is the first thought that comes to your head? Freedom, so make it more literal  I decided to do an outdoor shoot, usually i am very uncomfortable with outdoor shoots because it gets very weird getting your pictures clicked all doll-ed up when people are just staring at you. But luckily my friend knew a place where there weren't many people around so it was like a piece of cake.

   So here i am wearing this bird print cropped shirt that i bought from forever21 long time back paired with Zara's riding pants (which are an absolute must have, they are really comfortable I can just stay in them forever without a complain) along with Zara bag and shoes that i bought during sales at probably one-third the actual price!!

Riding Pants: Zara, Bag: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Shirt: Forever21, Neckpiece: Flea Market

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Indian is the way to go!

 So, I was going through some of ananya's pictures few days back and she wore this amazing lehenga. It was her uncle-aunty's 25th wedding anniversary and I was in instant love with her lehenga (an Indian attire) the moment i saw these pictures, the color combination of her outfit really brought out the pretty-ness in her!

Usually i am simply clueless about the traditional Indian attire because most of them are colorful and bright and its hard to imagine which one would look better but here I love the subtle champagne color. Its really important to find the right outfit which isn't over-the-top. What I really loved the most about the outfit was the border which had all this pink, gold detailing that made the entire champagne colored outfit stand out. Just have a look at the detailing, loving the colors here.

She kept it simple with just lipstick, blush and nice wavy hair which totally worked with her. Check out these pictures and let us know what you think about her outfit.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Breezy Freezy

Hello ladies...and gentlemen (if there are any present and reading), we are back! 

We know, it's been a long while. But we got busy with life and it's other complexities. Know what we mean?

Before we go on-board with the post, we would love to thank all you for the comments. The response to our last few posts have been amazing! And we cannot thank you enough for that.

Alright. Done with the thank you speech and excuses for not updating enough. Let's get to the post now! :-D

It's sad that it's almost the end of January and it's all but her first post ever since winters started. It's all the more sad because winters is the favorite time of the year, and we both just loving dressing up for it. But oh well...

Anyway, this post...was shot for about two weeks back but only coming around to post now! I know! So lazy we are! 

It was a very breezy, sunny and cold day...and hence the title :D You can see that by how covered up we both are.

Yashika is wearing dark blue jeans with a grey blazer/jacket and super-warm brown boots, while Ananya is wearing black riding pants with black blazer/jacket and brown leather boots. 


[Yashika's jeans : Forever21 | Sweater : Forever21 | Jacket : Lifestyle | Boots/uggs : Thrifted | Swag : 100% Original Yashika | Watch: Tommy Hilfiger]


[Ananya's Riding pants : Zara | Top : Mango | Blazer : Zara | Boots : Zara | Swag : 100% Orginal Ananya]

Alrighty. Hope you enjoyed this post. Noticed we got a new camera? :P

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Can you transport me back to 70s?

     After sucha long finally we have managed to put up a post, blame it all on the exams and pending projects for keeping us occupied this entire time. Anyway Ananya is still busy with her exams (damn her university!) so I had to do this post alone. And I had to get my sister to click pictures of me which wasn't something I was looking forward to, lets just say my sister isn't the best person to work with, the last time i worked with her she laughed at me while clicking pictures like I was a crazy person. But this time the pictures turned out pretty fine.

      Even though i am still busy but i really wanted to do this post before winter set its feet completely because seriously who wants to pose in t-shirts and shorts when its pretty cold in the background. I seriously do not get the concept when some people pose in blazers and stockings when its like 40 degrees centigrade  outside. I get it you want to show whats the "latest trend" or "whats in" but really maybe that is just too extreme. Anyhoo these palazzos were a gift to me by one of my aunts whose work takes her to a new country every 3 years or so. She bought me these from a store in Paris and ever since I got these I wanted to do a post on it before winters started.

      Winter has made an appearance in Delhi and by the looks of it, it certainly is going to stay longer and its going to be much more colder. Winters has always been my favourite, better than summers anytime. In winters you can pack yourself with layers of clothes and still survive but in summers its hard to live without 24*7 air conditioning let alone going out at anytime of the day. Another reason for loving winters is BOOTS, JACKETS, OVERCOATS, OVER-SIZED SWEATERS and the list goes on. I mean with these things around how can anyone not love winter!

    So here I am wearing these gifted palazzos paired with a Chanel vintage shirt which was a hand-me-down by one of my cousins (she could not fit into these so she passed it on to me, yay me!). And with a Zara bag that I got during the sale and Zara suede pumps and an Aldo neck piece.

Palazzo pants: Gifted, Shirt: Chanel, Watch: Tommy Hilfiger, Bag: Zara,  Shoes:  Zara,  Neck-piece:  Aldo,  On lip:  Revlon Creme Gloss Peachy Sheen

Thursday, 18 October 2012

LikeWhatShe'sWearing? : Alia Bhatt

Hey darlings!
Here we are with another post. And this time it's a review! 

It's a review on stuff Alia Bhatt wears! Do you guys like what she wears? Do you guys even notice it?

Alia Bhatt is an upcoming bollywood actress whose first movie is all set to release... well tomorrow. Her movie, although quite OTT (over the top) according to our taste is creating quite a buzz. But her movie is not what caught our attention. What made us interested in her, that too, to a level that we dedicate one whole post to her is the way she turned up looking for the movie's promotional events.


Casual, Chic, girl-next-door... she does it all like she rules the freaking town. And she's only nineteen? Say Whaaaaat?

Take a look,

All things chic
Which one d'you like better? The lovely coral gown in the 1st pic, or that flowy maxy dress in the 2nd? Oh, did you see the sequenced dress in the 3rd pic? We thinks she carries them a like a princess!

We love love love the 1st dress, how cute she looks! The 2nd dress is laid back without being so casual and the 3rd grey one makes her look look quite lovely.  Kudos to her dressing sense or well her stylist, maybe?

Casual/ Girl next door
If she rocked the above mentioned dresses, what can stop her from looking lovely in casual/girl-next-door looks? What makes us love her casual style is that it gives her the freedom to look like her age. In the 1st picture we see her rocking the tribal print, in the 2nd we are loving the mini colorful skirt, in the 3rd Alia looks lovely in a while floral dress and a fitted jacket over it, and in the 4th she's doing good justice to the whole 'punk' look without going too overboard. 

But what really made us proud of this nineteen year old was this outfit! She's got edge we say! 

She deserved a mention in Likewhatyouwearing!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

DIY1: Chain And Rhinestone Bracelet


     Stacking up is the new coolest thing be it bracelets or neck-pieces. Accessories can not only bring together an entire look but if done wrongly (or in certain cases if overdone) can kill the entire look too. We personally love wearing accessories because it adds a bling-factor to the entire outfit. You could wear a simple jean-tshirt-flats (if its one of your bad days when you just cannot find anything good to wear) and throw in some statement neck-piece or stack up some bracelets and BAMMM there you go.

 Anyway we came across this really cool DIY which we were so excited to share with you guys.

    So, try it guys and let us know how did it turn out. Leave us your comments. :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Brighter Than Sunshine

  This is our second post, and the response so far has been very overwhelming. You guys thank you for all the support :) And we will try to be as regular as we can and give you your regular dose of FASHION!

  Since winter is around the corner and we were desperate to do a post on bright colors before the summer ends. We couldn't think of better colors than pink and peach.

Yes people have gone brighter. Yes you can experiment more with colors. But this is our little take on bright colors. Bright and wearable!

 Ananya is wearing a striped-pink-white-black T-shirt paired with a black skirt, while Yashika is wearing a peach colored top paired with good ol' jeans.

Ananya is wearing pink-white-black striped T-shirt paired with a black skirt.

Top : Mango,  Skirt : Vero Moda, Shoes : Bata/Mary Claire (hell yeah), On lip : Coral shade by Color bar.

Yashika is wearinga peach colored top paired with jeans.

Jeans : Forever21, top : Forever21, Neck piece : gift, Belt : Shopper's Stop, On  lip : 81v by Colorbar, Shoes :  Catwalk

NOTE : While trying to go the bright way wear a bright colored top, you could either color block it with another bright colored pant or just pair it with jeans or neutral shades or black and throw in some bright/neon colored accessories.

And of course carry it with confidence and MAKE IT WORK!!!