Thursday, 18 October 2012

LikeWhatShe'sWearing? : Alia Bhatt

Hey darlings!
Here we are with another post. And this time it's a review! 

It's a review on stuff Alia Bhatt wears! Do you guys like what she wears? Do you guys even notice it?

Alia Bhatt is an upcoming bollywood actress whose first movie is all set to release... well tomorrow. Her movie, although quite OTT (over the top) according to our taste is creating quite a buzz. But her movie is not what caught our attention. What made us interested in her, that too, to a level that we dedicate one whole post to her is the way she turned up looking for the movie's promotional events.


Casual, Chic, girl-next-door... she does it all like she rules the freaking town. And she's only nineteen? Say Whaaaaat?

Take a look,

All things chic
Which one d'you like better? The lovely coral gown in the 1st pic, or that flowy maxy dress in the 2nd? Oh, did you see the sequenced dress in the 3rd pic? We thinks she carries them a like a princess!

We love love love the 1st dress, how cute she looks! The 2nd dress is laid back without being so casual and the 3rd grey one makes her look look quite lovely.  Kudos to her dressing sense or well her stylist, maybe?

Casual/ Girl next door
If she rocked the above mentioned dresses, what can stop her from looking lovely in casual/girl-next-door looks? What makes us love her casual style is that it gives her the freedom to look like her age. In the 1st picture we see her rocking the tribal print, in the 2nd we are loving the mini colorful skirt, in the 3rd Alia looks lovely in a while floral dress and a fitted jacket over it, and in the 4th she's doing good justice to the whole 'punk' look without going too overboard. 

But what really made us proud of this nineteen year old was this outfit! She's got edge we say! 

She deserved a mention in Likewhatyouwearing!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

DIY1: Chain And Rhinestone Bracelet


     Stacking up is the new coolest thing be it bracelets or neck-pieces. Accessories can not only bring together an entire look but if done wrongly (or in certain cases if overdone) can kill the entire look too. We personally love wearing accessories because it adds a bling-factor to the entire outfit. You could wear a simple jean-tshirt-flats (if its one of your bad days when you just cannot find anything good to wear) and throw in some statement neck-piece or stack up some bracelets and BAMMM there you go.

 Anyway we came across this really cool DIY which we were so excited to share with you guys.

    So, try it guys and let us know how did it turn out. Leave us your comments. :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Brighter Than Sunshine

  This is our second post, and the response so far has been very overwhelming. You guys thank you for all the support :) And we will try to be as regular as we can and give you your regular dose of FASHION!

  Since winter is around the corner and we were desperate to do a post on bright colors before the summer ends. We couldn't think of better colors than pink and peach.

Yes people have gone brighter. Yes you can experiment more with colors. But this is our little take on bright colors. Bright and wearable!

 Ananya is wearing a striped-pink-white-black T-shirt paired with a black skirt, while Yashika is wearing a peach colored top paired with good ol' jeans.

Ananya is wearing pink-white-black striped T-shirt paired with a black skirt.

Top : Mango,  Skirt : Vero Moda, Shoes : Bata/Mary Claire (hell yeah), On lip : Coral shade by Color bar.

Yashika is wearinga peach colored top paired with jeans.

Jeans : Forever21, top : Forever21, Neck piece : gift, Belt : Shopper's Stop, On  lip : 81v by Colorbar, Shoes :  Catwalk

NOTE : While trying to go the bright way wear a bright colored top, you could either color block it with another bright colored pant or just pair it with jeans or neutral shades or black and throw in some bright/neon colored accessories.

And of course carry it with confidence and MAKE IT WORK!!!