Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Let us fly to the horizon

 I know, I know we are not the most regular bloggers in the world. And we are not giving any excuses this time. Ananya is off to Jaipur for her college project for a month or so, so I am flying solo again. I asked one of my good friends Pratik to click me some pretty pictures. He just bought a new camera and is amazing when it comes to photography, I always love love his pictures, no doubt.
   Have you guys seen the latest Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals Collection, isn't it like the rad-est thing ever? Am I right? Am I right? Love the in-your-face bright colors of the entire collection. And the 'wings' shoes are awesome. Jeremy Scott is one of the most eccentric designers, very over-the-top with his design. So here's my take on 'wings', I found this feather-ed neck piece from a local flea market, very cheap just 100bucks and it makes the entire outfit very literal and very much inspired by birds hence wings. When you look at birds what is the first thought that comes to your head? Freedom, so make it more literal  I decided to do an outdoor shoot, usually i am very uncomfortable with outdoor shoots because it gets very weird getting your pictures clicked all doll-ed up when people are just staring at you. But luckily my friend knew a place where there weren't many people around so it was like a piece of cake.

   So here i am wearing this bird print cropped shirt that i bought from forever21 long time back paired with Zara's riding pants (which are an absolute must have, they are really comfortable I can just stay in them forever without a complain) along with Zara bag and shoes that i bought during sales at probably one-third the actual price!!

Riding Pants: Zara, Bag: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Shirt: Forever21, Neckpiece: Flea Market